Sunday, August 2, 2009

Leadership and Cheeseburgers

I've done some blogging on Leadership and _________. Leadership at the Movies, Leadership and the Laundry Room, and even Leadership and Wetsuits.

I see these comparisons across many bloggers. Here is one I wanted to share due to my affinity with food by Thomas Schulte: On Leadership and Cheeseburgers.

Great points about 'the big cheese':

Do you project an image and back it up as well as cheese does to the burger ensemble?
Are you complimentary to almost any combination of team members that may be slapped together at a moment’s notice?
Do you bend and conform to situations when needed?
Do you have the internal integrity that allows you to authentically project wholesome goodness and an honest hardworking appeal?
Are you projecting a bright and sunny disposition that is nice to be around and experience?
Is your flavor definitive and distinct?
Do you work well with others no matter who else is involved in the equation?
Are you commanding a leadership place of recognition that is unmatched because of WHO you are and HOW you lead?

I will continue to share these in the future.

What is your leadership style most comparable to? Leadership and _____________.

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