Monday, July 21, 2008

Refrigerator Rights!!

A true test of a relationship:

Who comes to your house, invited or not, and has "refrigerator rights"? The best relationships are those where you are comfortable enough when you go to a friend's house and open the refrigerator door to help yourself! I want relationships with refrigerator rights. Welcome to my house. Help yourself to my refrigerator, friend!!

When you see Chris, my wife, ask her to forgive me for taking a photo of our fridge before she was allowed to clean it out!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Simple ____________

In my very first post, I talked about how I got the name of the blog - "Simple Leadership". I mentioned that it was a word from each of two books that I had been reading. I also mentioned that I would share these with you.

So, fill in the blank for me on the following. Each blank has the same answer. Send me your responses and I will let you know the various responses I get. Some of you may have already read this book, so play fair!!


"It is not enough to unite the ______ around the same what (purpose), but they also must be aligned on the same how (process."
"Leaders of the ______should outline the simple process but then allow leaders to implement with freedom and creativity."
"Recruit and offer accountability based on your simple process. Implement in each ______ department. Unite people around the simple process."
" A simple ______ is a group designed around a straightforward and strategic process that moves people through the stages of growth. When people not only commit to the beliefs of a ______ but also to the simple and strategic process, the energy of everyone is unleashed."
" Simple ______ who desire to eliminate programs will inevitably offend the past or some individual."

I could add so many more, but you should get the flavor. So, FILL IN THE BLANK.

Hope you all are doing well.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Character Counts!

What an amazing match!! If you are a tennis fan or not, the Wimbledon championship between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal should go down as one of, if not the most exciting tennis match ever played. These two players battled in the longest match, both in time and games, in Wimbledon finals history. Federer had won 5 straight titles at Wimbledon. Nadal had one 4 of the last 5 against Federer. These two clearly are athletes that may go down as the two best players ever!!!

I found myself glued watching each stroke for a couple reasons:
First, the shear focus of each of these players is phenomenal. I can only imagine the things going through their mind as they played this match. But, to me, what was more apparent was the CHARACTER of these two professionals both during and after the match. There was no taunting, trash talking, or prideful outburst from either player. As they continued to each hold serve for nearly the entire match, they simply kept playing. After the match, Federer called Nadal a deserving champion and was humble in defeat. Nadal referred to Federer as a great champion and was happy to be on the same court. I pointed this out to my children as well as we watched. Neither of these players threw their racket when they lost a point. They didn't scream at the official if they felt there was a bad call. THEY JUST PLAYED THE MATCH.

These displays of Character were resounding to me. These two are champions on and off the court and are leaders in their sport that I will continue to watch into the future.

Watch others celebrate. Does their true character come out? Do they make you want to continue to 'play' with them, or do they make you wish you weren't even in the same building? Are you happy they are on your team? AND...What is YOUR character in Victory? I can learn from these two players... Character Defeat AND Victory.