Monday, August 24, 2009

That 'First day of school feeling'

Today was the first day back at another school year for our sons,Brendan (7th grader) and Joseph (5th grader). I know they were anxious, even thought they did not want to tell Mom & Dad that! We were anxious, no doubt.

Of course, we told them the story about how "When we were kids ________________." They rolled their eyes. Each year I make breakfast for them on the first day, too. This year, there was one eggo waffle request and a frozen sausage, egg & cheese muffin. Made it easy on me!!

The first day of school is a new beginning. Chances for them to get new clothes, new books, make new friends, and hopefully, learn a few new things. It should be a good calibration point for me. Generally, in life, there are not many 'First days of _______(school, job, etc.)." But, when there are, it tends to be exciting. It tends to be a learning experience. We get to meet new people.

So, if we are stuck in a rut, how do we make that "First day of school" feeling all over again? I need to ask myself that question. You see, today is the "First day" of the rest of your life( I didn't make that up. I am sure someone else said it!). What can you do to create that anxiousness, that excitement, that knotted up stomach feeling when you walk through the front doors? I need to create that feeling again.

Maybe I will go get myself a pair of new school shoes today! Have a great week, friends.

God, I pray that you watch over our boys this year at school. Introduce them to great opportunities, great friends/relationships, and keep them safe. I pray that you grant their parents wisdom, patience, and understanding. Help us all grow closer as a family this year. - Amen


  1. John,
    Perfect words my friend. Makes me miss the weekly conversations! Let us make a point to catch up soon. God Bless.

  2. John,

    What a great message to start the week; it brought back many memories of when our boys, now almost 31 and 26, were that age.

    It's tough to get that "first day of school" feeling on our own. I think our daily quiet time, surrender to the Holy Spirit, and glorifying God in all we do, is the best I have found.

    Miss seeing you all!



  3. Hey John, thanks for sharing. Yes, 1st days; new beginnings, new feelings, old familiar feelings too. We dropped Jillian off at Ball State last night. Her 1st night in the dorm with her 1st ever room-mate. 1st of many tears Miriam and I shed over the joy (and anxiety) of seeing our 1st child take her 1st of many big steps to come. For me, 1st’s, as scary at they can be, are moments to be cherished. They become our learning and growing moments; memorable moments; perhaps someday, historical moments. Nobody knows for sure where any 1st will take them over the long course. Taking any 1st requires courage, faith and belief that things are going to be OK - even though it doesn't feel OK, at 1st. (I certainly saw the later in Jillian last night when we said goodbye and drove away). Finally, I’ve kept one of Wooden’s “On Life” quotes near my desk for a few years… “When you’re Through Learning…You’re Through”. Seems to fit the moment right now. I bet Wooden knew a little something about the power of 1st’s! ---Bischoff

  4. John,
    Thanks for your words and prayer. I will say a prayer too, for your boys,as they start a new year, that they will find joy and peace in all they do.
    Yours is a great reminder of that "new beginning" we all used to experience as children, that was as much a part of our lives as the 4 seasons. May we all get to experience a little of that feeling again in some way some how. It is a good feeling!
    I hope to see you soon!

  5. Chris, I can't imagine the challenge of dropping off a first daughter at college. I know Stan Buck(pastor in Fort Wayne) just 'moved' his daughter and son-in-law to Denver. Had to be tough, too. Thanks for sharing and good to hear from you. John

  6. Julie, Wink & Che,

    Thanks for sharing. John