Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pocket Change - Our Deepest Fear

I watched Coach Carter last night with my family.  There were several leadership moments in this movie, but to me, none more powerful than when Cruz finally explained his deepest fear. 

If you are unable to view this video in your reader, CLICK HERE for video

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  1. So refreshing to see this, John...and so true. Absolutely love the part about shining like children and automatically giving permission to those around us to do the same.

    I'll be back to read more - thanks!

  2. Josh, you are correct. I appreciate the follow. Look for some updates and a refreshed look to the blog soon. Hope you are well. Thanks for the note on Daily Grind. I am there about every Friday morning and will miss it, although I learned today that in a few weeks even the Baha Bistro will have coffee in the a.m.!!

  3. Looks like you're right about coffee in the a.m. @ Baja. Maybe we'll get a chance to catch up there. Great blog - looking forward to the refresh.